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Welcome to Pack & Stack, mobile and self storage units.

Our Fantastic Mobile and Self-Storage Units in Hamilton

Don’t you hate it when you are doing some spring cleaning and want to move some unnecessary stuff elsewhere, but have nowhere to put it? This situation is much more annoying when you are trying to move everything to another building, and have no room to store it.

Pack And Stack can provide you with a mobile storage unit in Hamilton or Waikato to assist you with your move. We design these units to be moved around for travelling long distances and to get to your new location in good condition.

What this mobile storage provider can do for you

At Pack And Stack, we pride ourselves on taking the hassle and expense out of storage for you. We will move belongings that you do not need on hand straight away; think of it as archiving your things. Your possessions will be in a safe and secure location in one of our self storage units.

Our efficient packing services will make your move easier

If you are in Hamilton or Waikato and plan on moving, you will need to place your belongings somewhere for the time being. We are just like a traditional self storage company, where you can park up and store things yourself; however, we can also bring a storage unit to you, help you pack it and then take it away to store your things safely with us, it can be that easy!

We also provide top quality boxes to place your possessions in while they are being moved from your old house or office to the new one in Waikato or Hamilton. We will not only help you move, but help you move in the most efficient way possible.

If your property is overfull with goods, or if you are relocating, please call us at 0800 PACKSTACK (722 578) to organise our services.

  • We bring the storage to you!
  • No hunting around for a car that can carry a trailer
  • We pack it – or you can!
  • Whichever option works for you
  • We keep it safe out our place!
  • Clean, dry and secure environment